Statement: Johnsons of Whixley’s procurement policy in relation to Xylella spp.


Based upon information currently available from DEFRA, APHA and other sources globally, Johnsons of Whixley Ltd will not knowingly procure any stock directly from or originating in an area that has had a confirmed outbreak of Xylella spp.

Currently the areas included in Johnsons of Whixley Ltd.’s procurement exclusion are:

• Italy – all regions
• Spain – all regions
• France – Provence Aples Cote d’Azure (PACA), Corsica
• Principality of Monaco
• Germany – Saxony and Thuringia
• Czech Republic – all regions
• Switzerland – all regions

This statement is subject to amendment, if deemed appropriate, in light of further information or legislation.

Should you have any questions in respect of Xylella and Johnson of Whixley’s position then please direct enquiries to Senior Procurement Manager, Jonathan H. T. Whittemore.