October Gardening reminders


1)   Lift dahlias and other tender perennials when temperatures fall sharply. Store in a frost-free place.

2) Take cuttings of roses and other deciduous shrubs.

3) Tie in newly grown stems of climbing and rambling roses to prevent winter wind damage.

4) Plant up containers with winter bedding such as pansies, violas,polyanthus, ivy and bulbs.

5) Move less hardy containers e,g, figs, olives, bay trees and palms under winter shelter.

6) A good month to lay turf on prepared, firm, and raked ground.

7) Lift, divide, and replant rhubarb crowns that have been in situ at least 5 years.

8) Apply grease bands around trunks of fruit trees as a winter moth barrier.

9) Wrap straw around the growing point of Gunnera and cover with its own inverted foliage.

10) Prune out fruited canes of blackberries and tie in new growth.

11) Start planting evergreen hedges into well prepared soil by the end of the month.

12) Lift gladioli corms and trim stems to ½” before storage in a dry, airy, frost free place.

13) Don’t plant tulips until next month due to possibility of tulip fire disease.

14) If you like to see berries in the garden, yellow ones are not popular with birds, e.g. viburnum, holly and pyracantha.

15) Remove glasshouse shading and clean the glass. Fit bubble insulation.

16) When planting new root-balled or containerised trees, tease some of the roots out of the root ball, but don’t cut them off! Soak root ball in water before planting.

17) Stake newly planted root-balled and containerised trees with a diagonal stake facing the prevailing wind.

18) Make sure your compost bin is empty and ready to receive this year’s crop of fallen leaves.

Happy gardening!!