November Gardening Reminders


Here are our Gardening Reminders for the month of November.

1) Remove fallen leaves from herbaceous beds and lawns to prevent rotting and discourage slugs.

2) Dig areas to be sown with annuals next year, leave it rough to be broken down by frost.

3) Remove stakes from herbaceous borders, clean off and store in the dry.

4) Put grease bands on fruit trees to catch female winter moths.

5) Prune blackcurrants by cutting out about 25% of the older stems.

6) Lift and divide rhubarb crowns ensuring each piece has a live crown.

7) Hang out fleece in the rain, then dry off and store for next year.

8) Give the grass a final cut with the blades set higher and collect the last of the fallen leaves.

9) Thoroughly clean the lawn mower and sharpen or renew the blade.

10) Prepare hedge sites and plant this month whilst soil is warm.

11) Plant fruit trees and bushes ensuring stout stakes against prevailing wind prevent wind rock.

12) Now is the best time to plant roses, heel then in if soil conditions are not suitable for immediate planting.

13) Before planting trees and shrubs ensure roots are moist by soaking in a bucket.

14) Plant winter bedding such as wallflowers, pansies, primroses etc.

15) Protect pot grown tender shrubs with straw and bubble-wrap to prevent plant death and cracked pots.

16) Prepare chrysanthemum stools, dahlia tubers and gladioli corms for winter storage.

17) Prune soft fruit, shorten leading shoots by half, and side shoots to 5cm (2”) on gooseberries and red currants.

18) Place a forcing pot or deep bucket over dormant rhubarb crowns to produce early young shoots.