National Garden Meditation Day


Thursday is National Garden Meditation Day and to mark this we have created an infographic on why gardening is good for the mind, see our reasons below.

1) Gardening is great for the mind and is a mood booster. Being busy in the garden keeps your mind occupied and focused and gives you that feel good factor.

2) Gardening is great for physical activity and you can burn up to 500 calories per hour of gardening.

3) Gardening is great for relieving stress and reduces levels of cortisol.

4) Flowers and the outdoors are known to improve your mood. Getting outdoors, gardening or visiting your local National Trust garden is sure to improve how you’re feeling.

5) Gardening requires skills that protect the brain from ageing and has links to decreasing the risk of dementia.

6) Gardening is linked to a better night’s sleep, the physical activity will tire you out.