June Gardening Reminders


Here are our gardening reminders for the month of June:

1) Continue mowing established lawns frequently. Raise the blades a little in very dry weather. Treat with weed killer if necessary. Remember to water new lawns in very dry weather. Consider
laying paving as stepping stones in areas of high wear.

2) Dead-head roses and other plants with a succession of flowers to ensure large blooms and a constant display through the summer. Cut rose stems back to an actively growing bud. Sever
suckers from the rootstock by tearing them off, or if too large, cut with a very sharp knife as close to the stem as possible.

3) Complete the planting of hardy annuals, ensure they are well watered in, and kept watered for the first month. Ensure that slugs and snails do not cause too much damage by removing them by
hand or treating with appropriate slug and snail killer.

4) Cut back oriental poppies to ground level when finished blooming. May produce more flowers on the new growth.

5) Continue to stake fast growing plants with appropriate materials such as pea sticks, nets and canes.

6) Lightly clip box edging and topiary to remove wandering shoots. Remember to provide feed and water, particularly if they are growing in containers.

7) If you don’t have time to mow the lawn, it will look much tidier if you just cut the edges with a mechanical strimmer.

8) Plant out young dahlias now the potential for frost is past. Keep well-watered and control greenfly. Apply a mulch to conserve moisture and reduce weeds.

9) Cut out spent flowering stems of brooms to prevent seeding, but avoid old wood. Remove dead flower heads of lilacs and laburnums to prevent the energy of the plant being focussed on seed production.

10) Trim back the flowered growth of Erica carnea varieties and top dress with peat.

11) Sow winter pansies, primulas, violas and Brompton stocks under glass. Foxgloves and wallflowers can be sown out-side in a weed-free area of the border to flower next year.

12) To increase the number of your strawberry plants, select strong runners and dig a hole deep enough for a 3 inch pot under the leaves of the young runner plant. Fill the pot with compost
and plant into it the rosette of leaves, holding it firm with a forked twig or wire staple.

13) Bulb foliage will be dying down this month, do not remove until it has gone dry and yellow.
Daffodil bulbs will be fine left in situ, but tulips need lifting carefully, cleaning, and drying off in shallow boxes. Keep well ventilated until ready for re-planting.

14) June is the worst month for weed growth, water with a contact weed-killer under hedges, among shrubs or roses and on paths or crazy paving. Alternatively use a sharp hoe to keep
stirring the soil to prevent the growth of seedlings.