Johnsons staff enjoy stunning garden visits


Johnsons of Whixley Xpress Cash & Carry customer, garden designer Helen Taylor, invited staff members Clare Horner and Dave Wicks to visit six gardens she has designed in the Harrogate and Ilkley area.

The selection included contemporary and formal gardens and a mixture of small and large-scale projects.

All of the gardens featured shrubs, trees and perennials that had been sourced from Johnsons of Whixley.

The day of visits began with a contemporary house and garden on Moor Lane, with its mass planting of grasses, lavender and specimen trees.

Then they headed to a large country garden in Manor Park, which slopes down to the river floodplain, and features perennial planting, raised beds, ornamental shrub borders and fernery.

In Ben Rhydding, the group visited a small front garden to a Scandinavian-styled house, with new soft planting, including grasses, white and purple flowers and grey foliage.

Up next, a large formal back garden in Ilkley, with box parterre, rose border, grotto, tea house and shady woodland borders, as well as a recently-planted front garden with ornamental woodland borders.

The group visited a new courtyard-style town garden with cedar slat fences, grey flag paving and raised beds in Harrogate, before rounding off the day in Timble, with a visit to a pretty cottage garden, featuring a new Chelsea summer house and associated paving and planting.