Ellie’s great for shade


After buying my first house in March my garden task was to remove the leylandii hedge which had been pleached… yes pleached. It was horrible! The problem was what I would replace it with due to it being in a partial shade north facing spot.

After lots of research in various different books I decided on Hydrangea Petiolaris for the back wall, Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ and Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ towards the front of the border (for now anyway) I will no doubt keep adding to it.

Here’s some others to consider when you’re planting a partial shade border.

1. Vinca Minor – A great low growing spreading ground cover with lavender purple flowers flowering from April to September – great for suppressing weeds and great at the front of a border in partial shade.

2. Hostas do great in partial shade and thrive in damp soil conditions but be sure to keep the slugs and snails away which create holes in the leaves. The darker the foliage of the hosta the better it will do in the shade.

3. Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ – Great to add a splash of colour at the end of summer into mid-autumn. These Anemone will flower from August to October and grow up to 120cm tall. Best at the back or the middle of a border.

4. Geranium Rozanne – A perfect plant doing well in partial shade to full sun, it’s great for under planting or filling in any empty gaps in your border, adding beautiful purple flowers from June through to September.

5. Ferns – Not only are ferns low maintenance, but they also thrive in a shady spot. Try Dryopteris filix-mas or polystichum setiferum for your shady planting plan.

6. Brunnera Jack Frost – I absolutely love the silvery foliage of a Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’. They would look great next to tiarellas, heucheras and ferns. Plant at the front of your shady border.