Customer Charter


What can you expect from us?

At Johnsons of Whixley we set great store not only by the quality of our plants but also in the service we offer to our customers.

Whether you take delivery of hundreds of items for large schemes, visit Johnsons commercial, or if you are a retailer of plants to the gardener, it’s important to us that you are dealt with professionally. We know from ongoing research that we do well in most areas but, far from being complacent, we want to do better.

Of course, to give good service and remain competitive we need help from you at certain key times in the ordering and delivery cycle. This document sets out what we think you have a right to expect from us – the things you can judge us by.

The Charter should be read in conjunction with our terms of business and any other issues raised during the negotiation of your order.

If at any time you have any queries or comments about our performance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Connection from reception within 30 seconds and all phones being answered within five rings…

..we know that time is money, so we will try not to keep you waiting.

To be allocated to an account manager…

…by having a dedicated member of our sales team you have someone at Johnsons who can understand your specific planting requirements and ensure you receive the correct pricing, plant material and delivery options every time.

Knowledgeable, helpful staff… to answer your questions fully, or get an answer for you within half an hour.

Attention to your requests for estimates within 24 hours or within the timescale you’ve asked for…

…if we don’t get back to you with the full quote we’ll give you as much as we can in that time period and tell you when you can expect the rest.

Competitive prices.

Possibly not the cheapest but we shall always aim to give best value overall.

Clear and complete documentation.

Be it estimate, delivery note or invoice.

A delivery date being notified and honoured.

together with a delivery time being notified by our driver on the day, if required.

Helpful delivery staff.

Who understand your requirements on site or at your depot.

Good quality, clearly labelled plant material…

..delivered to specification ‘ in other words getting what you pay for.

A wide range of plants to choose from…

..we aim to keep adequate stocks of key lines throughout the planting season.

Competitive prices…

..possibly not the cheapest but we shall always aim to give best value overall.

Technical information and guidance… horticultural comment to help you plan and execute projects more effectively.

Industry leadership…

..including the use of appropriate practice as well as social and environmental responsibility.

At Johnsons Commercial you will receive:

Helpful information for the professional landscape gardener

Good layouts ‘ plants that are easy to find and compare

A constant supply of plant stalwarts ‘ as far as is possible we’ll make certain that the landscape staples are always available

A stock lifting, collation, and delivery service for those for whom time is of the essence

Fast check out so that you can get the stock paid for, loaded up, and be on your quickly

We all make mistakes, but you can expect a response to complaints within 24 hours…

..of them being made. If we let you down on this one, contact the Chairman direct!