August Gardening Reminders


Here are our Gardening Reminders for the month of August.

1)    Arrange for pots to be watered when on holiday.

2)    Give containers a liquid feed as long release fertilizer may not be.

providing enough boost to keep plants going.

3)    Provide water for wildlife.

4)    Dead-head flowering plants for maximum flower production.

5)    Collect seed from plants you wish to propagate.

6)    Prune ornamental trees such as flowering cherries. Do not cut back to.

the stem, leave the cambium collar in situ for maximum healing ability.

7)    Pot up seedlings of self-sown herbaceous plants.

8)    Plan the purchase of your bulbs for autumn planting.

9)    Collect fallen apples showing signs of brown rot. Do not compost them.

10)    Clean water filters in ponds and water features.

11)    Watch out for caterpillars on vegetable crops.

12)   Cut back new shoots of Wisteria to 3 to 4 leaves.

13)    Leave grass clippings on the lawn when dry, to act as a mulch.

14)    Prepare ground for new turf or sowing. Allow soil to settle before final.

raking, and remove weeds as they germinate. Sow seed evenly and protect from birds.

15)   Prune untidy plants such as ivy-leaved pelargoniums, ceanothus, escallonia, lavender and rosemary.

16)   Stop outdoor tomatoes when four to five trusses have set and reduce foliage of glasshouse tomatoes to allow fruit to ripen.