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  1. The bare root and root ball ‘clock’ is ticking

    The bare root and root ball ‘clock’ is ticking

    The bare root and root ball ‘clock’ is ticking – only a month left to go!

    Here are our reasons for planting during the bare root and root ball season:-

    1) 9 out of 10 times a bareroot & root ball hedge or tree will be cheaper than it is in a container.
    2) Planting a hedge provides a home for insects and birds, some varieties provide a source of food.
    3) Planting a hedge can stop intruders, especially varieties like Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Pyracantha.
    4) More hedging varieties are available during the bare root & root ball season in various different sizes.
    5) Planting between November to March is the best time to plant a hedge, you will have a better success rate then planting a container in Summer.

    Posted 1st Mar 11:34am
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  2. Intruder proof your hedge this planting season

    Intruder proof your hedge this planting season

    Intruder proof your hedge this planting season with our intruder proof hedging range.

    1)Prunus spinosa – A prickly native hedging plant covered in thorns, great as a mixed native hedge with bright white flowers in Spring followed by green foliage and sloes which appear in Autumn. (Great for making Sloe Gin if you get to the sloes before the birds) Available as a bare root transplant at 40-60cm tall up to 200cm tall.

    2)Crataegus monogyna – A popular native hedging plant known for its large thorns which can be seen after its green leaves fall in Autumn. It is also known for its white scented flowers which can be seen in Spring. Available in bare root sizes from 40-60cm up to 200cm tall.

    3)Berberis varieties – Make a great intruder proof hedge due to its prickly thorns. They are available In 2L and 10L pots.

    4)Ilex aquifolium – An evergreen with attractive leaves with a prickly edge that form a dense hedge. Ideal for keeping intruders out and available from a p9 pot up to a 20L.

    5)Rosa canina – A prickly native variety that is fast growing with pale pink flowers in Summer. Bright Red rose hips come autumn, which are attractive to birds.   Available in bare root

    6)Pyracantha varieties – Known for their colourful berries available in yellow, reds and oranges which will last from Autumn through to Spring if left untouched by birds. Great against a back wall these Pyracantha will stop intruders. Available potted throughout the year.



    Posted 11th Oct 11:01am
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