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  1. National Bird Feeding Month

    National Bird Feeding Month

    Its national bird feeding month so we have come up with some plants that are guaranteed to encourage birds into your garden!
    1) Holly (Ilex) is definitely a bird’s favourite. Its dense prickly leaves offer windproof shelter along with berries for a Christmas feast. Blackbirds and thrushes are usually the first to strip a holly bush of its berries. Available as root balls in the winter and container plants in a multitude of sizes throughout the year.

    2) Mature Ivy (Hedera) offers masses of autumn berries. Song thrushes and Wood pigeons are usually the first to enjoy these.

    3) Pyracantha (Firethorn) are an attractive heavily berried prickly plant providing not only protection from predators but is a tasty food source too, a favourite with finches, sparrows, starlings and song thrushes.

    4) Hawthorn (Quickthorn) berries are a favourite for Chaffinches, Starlings, Blackbirds and Greenfinches. The leaves are the food plant for Caterpillars of many species of moth, providing food for baby birds in spring. We have a great selection of bare root hedging available from 40-60cm tall up to 175-200cm tall.

    5) Cotoneaster branches are always full of small red berries from autumn onwards and provide great shelter for a nesting site. They are popular with thrushes, Blackbirds and Waxwings.

    6) It’s great to leave seed heads on over winter as they provide an additional food source for birds – particularly Greenfinches and Goldfinches.

    Posted 6th Feb 12:51pm
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  2. Creating a bird friendly garden

    Creating a bird friendly garden

    Want to create a bird friendly garden but not sure how? Check out our guide below.

    1) Grasses not only provide cover their seed heads provide food and material for birds’ nests.
    2) Providing birds with a feeder encourages them into your garden. Once they know there’s a food source there they will be back again for more.
    3) Why not add a bird bath or small pond to your garden to encourage birds. Birds love a good splash and can quench their thirst.
    4) Certain shrub varieties provide great cover, nectar, attract insects and some even provide birds with berries.
    5) Adding a bird house to your garden will provide birds with additional shelter and more options on when it comes to building their nest.
    6) Trees are great as they provide a natural location for birds to build a nest, some provide nectar, berries and trees often attract insects.
    7) Ground cover like Ivy provides cover for birds and also attracts insects.

    Posted 22nd Jan 4:02pm
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