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  1. National Allotment Week

    National Allotment Week

    Check out our allotment tips for national allotment week. •Crop rotation – this is a great practice to follow which helps with soil fertility, weed control and pest and disease control. Split your plot into sections depending on how much of o...

    Posted 13th Aug 2:35pm
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  2. Congratulations Luke

    Congratulations Luke

    Congratulations to Luke Richardson who has now taken on the role of cash & carry manager. 1.How many years have you worked at Johnson’s? 12 Years in varying different positions. My last role was in Amenity Sales managing southern accounts wh...

    Posted 8th Aug 2:59pm
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  3. Johnsons of Whixley supply garden display for global coffee brand

    Johnsons of Whixley supply garden display for global coffee brand

    Johnsons of Whixley supply garden display for global coffee brand. We have worked with a promotional equipment specialist to deliver a UK pop-up brand promotion for a world-renowned coffee brand. We supplied over £7,000 worth of plants and mat...

    Posted 8th Aug 10:54am
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  4. August Gardening Reminders

    August Gardening Reminders

    Here's our gardening reminders for the month of August: 1) Now is the last chance to prune stone fruits such as cherries and plums. Choose a dry day in order to prevent disease entry through the wound. If you have peaches or apricots under protec...

    Posted 8th Aug 10:42am
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  5. Outdoor watering

    Outdoor watering

    Suggestions relating to watering outdoor plants in dry weather. Drought (the definition for a gardener): drought is considered to occur in a garden when the soil moisture in the plant root zone is exhausted and the plants wilt. A continuous perio...

    Posted 26th Jul 12:02pm
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  6. Late flowering perennials

    Late flowering perennials

    Want a good selection of late flowering perennials? Choose from these flowers that are sure to see you through until the end of summer. 1) Rudbeckia 'Little Gold Star' - a compact Rudbeckia standing at 50cm high, these plants will last you all th...

    Posted 24th Jul 2:55pm
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