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  1. Welcome to the team Simon

    Welcome to the team Simon

    We would like to welcome Simon Harrison to the Johnsons Of Whixley team. Simon joins our incoming goods team which is quite the change from his 20 years as a chef In the NHS. Simon’s role will include unloading incoming deliveries, checking off inc...

    Posted 18th Apr 12:32pm
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  2. Welcome to the team Alice

    Welcome to the team Alice

    We would like to welcome Alice Knowles to the cash & carry team. Alice joins us from RHS Harlow Carr and has a great plant knowledge behind her, Alice will be working front of house on the cash & carry dealing with customer enquiries in perso...

    Posted 16th Apr 9:56am
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  3. 2017-18 Winter Challenges

    2017-18 Winter Challenges

    This last winter has really been one of opposites compared with those of the previous few years. After several winters of no frost at all until Christmas, we hit low temperatures and frost in November and December which created real problems when...

    Posted 11th Apr 3:52pm
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  4. National Siblings Day

    National Siblings Day

    To mark National Siblings Day on Tuesday 10th April, we’re celebrating the brothers and sisters who work together here at Johnsons of Whixley. Our workforce is made up of 100 employees, which includes three generations of the Richardson family, ...

    Posted 10th Apr 11:48am
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  5. Creating a bee friendly garden

    Creating a bee friendly garden

    1) Add nectar and pollen rich flowers to your garden including varieties such as Lavender, eryngium, heather, Ivy, Mahonia, Geranium, Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Salvia and many other varieties. 2) Small garden? No problem, plant up seasonal containers...

    Posted 9th Apr 8:20am
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  6. Creating a Dog friendly garden

    Creating a Dog friendly garden

    Creating a Dog friendly garden 1) There are lots of plants in your garden that are potentially harmful to your dog if eaten including daffodils, Tulips, foxgloves, delphinium and yew. Either replace them with more suitable plants or make sure you...

    Posted 6th Apr 3:07pm
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