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  1. Christmas Opening Hours

    Christmas Opening Hours

    Christmas Opening Hours
    Thursday 21st December open 8 am – 12pm
    Closed from Friday 22nd December – Wednesday 3rd January
    Thursday 4th January open as normal 8am – 4.30pm

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year, all the best for 2018

    Posted 19th Dec 2:55pm
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  2. Nursery Jottings No.19

    Nursery Jottings No.19

    The weather has been very variable over the last month, and we have had at least 2 or 3 frosts in the morning, this is very different to recent years when the first frosts have not occurred until late December. The total rainfall for the month has been about average, but the several days of mild and sunny weather during November have made working outdoors very pleasant.

    The local village project of planting 18,000 daffodil bulbs in the village approach roads was finally completed in late November, amazing how many volunteers suddenly remembered they were on holiday or their bad back was playing up when their area to plant became due!!

    September and October are normally quiet months for us, and the staff take the balance of their annual holidays, but this year demand has been so good that we have been short-staffed trying to service orders,

    particularly for the landscape market, where we have broken all records for September, through to the end of November. Sales to Garden Centres have also been quite good, but not as spectacular as the landscape sales. Some of our biggest orders are requiring up to 50 loads of trees and shrubs delivered over several weeks. I understand that one of our transport providers was saying that we were using 17 of his trucks on a daily basis, and this in addition to our own 5 trucks and another 10 contracted.

    We continue to worry about the staff situation in the years to come, overseas labour is getting harder to find, and we have virtually no UK job applicants, and no UK applicants for apprenticeships.

    We find it difficult to identify where all the money is coming from to support this increase in sales, and we have no idea if it will continue after Brexit, which makes trying to plan for future years almost impossible.

    How can we estimate the number of trees required in 5 to 6 years’ time so that we plant the correct numbers and species this coming Spring?

    Now is a really good time for planting trees and shrubs, the soil is still relatively warm and is also moist, so that young roots should develop almost immediately before true winter conditions set in. It is important that newly planted trees and shrubs are planted firmly and staked if necessary, in order to prevent the plant rocking and damaging the newly developing root system.

    The plant disease Xylella continues to focus the attention of nurseries and garden centres. Thankfully there have been no outbreaks in the UK to date, but the threat from diseased plants being imported from southern Italy and some other areas surrounding the Mediterranean remains constant, and is the reason we wave made the decision not to buy, handle or sell any plants from these suspect areas, either to grow ourselves or to sell on. It is encouraging that so many others in our sector have made a similar decision.

    A year ago, there were some 90 plant species which had the potential to be infected in the UK, and this has no risen to over 400. The disease is carried by froghoppers, more commonly known as Cuckoo Spit, and at present there is no known control. Our published attitude is as follows:

    Johnsons of Whixley Ltd.’s procurement policy in relation to Xylella spp.

    Based upon information currently available from DEFRA, APHA and other sources globally, Johnsons of Whixley Ltd will not knowingly procure any stock directly from or originating in an area that has had a confirmed outbreak of Xylella spp.

    Currently the areas included in Johnsons of Whixley Ltd.’s procurement exclusion are:

    Italy – all regions       Spain – all regions            France – Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur (PACA), Corsica             Principality of Monaco              Germany – Saxony and Thuringia

    Czech Republic- all regions      Switzerland – all regions

    This statement is subject to amendment if deemed appropriate in the light of further information or legislation.

    Should you have any questions in respect of Xylella and Johnson of Whixley Ltd.’s position, then please direct those to our Senior Procurement Manager, Jonathan H. T. Whittemore.

    John Richardson
    Johnsons of Whixley

    Posted 16th Dec 10:37am
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  3. New renovations at York Cemetery revealed

    New renovations at York Cemetery revealed

    We have helped renovate areas of York Cemetery, with the help of garden designer Lizzie Tulip.

    Lizzie Tulip is a Chelsea Flower Show Medal winner, who has served as a trustee for the Cemetery for the last four years and helped shape the landscape of the 24-acre site.

    As part of the latest project, we have supplied an order worth more than £2,000, including spectacular taxus beehive shapes, which have helped to enhance the formal Victorian section of the cemetery, and provide structural planting for the newly-named Hanley Avenue area.

    An opening ceremony to mark the completion of the improvements was held on Sunday 26th November, attended by the trustees of the cemetery and invited guests.

    Our Xpress office and administration supervisor, Ellie Richardson, said: “We we supply projects large and small across the UK and Europe, but local landmarks and beauty spots are equally as important to us.

    “We’ve worked alongside Lizzie on many projects over the years, and it’s been great to link up with her once again to help further improve the wonderful landscape at York Cemetery.”

    York Cemetery is a grade II listed landscape and one of only two privately owned Victorian cemeteries in the UK.

    Founded in 1837, it now encompasses 24 acres and is administered by The York Cemetery Trust, with support of the Friends of York Cemetery.

    The cemetery received a Gold Award in the Open Spaces Category of the RHS Yorkshire in Bloom Competition 2017.

    Posted 7th Dec 8:57am
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  4. December Gardening Reminders

    December Gardening Reminders

    1) Plant fruit trees, bushes and trees in fertile soil and stake trees firmly.

    2) Apply substantial mulch to borderline hardy herbaceous plants such as Agapanthus,dahlias, Phygelius, and Penstemon.

    3) Continue to take hardwood cuttings of a range of shrubby trees and shrubs, e.g. Cornus.

    4) Check that wall plants are firmly secured to the wall and evergreens receive sufficient rainfall, or water from time to time/

    5) Cut down unsightly grasses but leave enough in the base for overwintering wildlife.

    6) Cut back overgrown deciduous hedges.

    7) Ensure that outside taps, hoses etc. are insulated against frost.

    8) Move permanent container plants such as Camellias to shelter in the lee of walls.

    9) Prune Acers and Betula sp. before mid December to prevent wounds from bleeding, do not prune cherries and other stone fruits until May/June to prevent silver-leaf disease.

    10 ) Give lawns a final trim to 1½ inches and collect leaves if conditions are mild.

    11) Ensure that glasshouses are adequately ventilated, and temperatures are maintained.

    12) Replenish birdfeeders as they run out and provide fresh water as required.

    13) Thoroughly clean and oil garden tools and sharpen those with cutting edges.

    14) Service the lawnmower.

    15) Clean serviceable pots, canes and trays and label. Store out of the rain and wind.

    16) Check that wind-breaks and their supports are in good order to counter winter gales.

    17) Do not prune Hamamelis and Chimonanthus until after flowering.

    18) Prune grape vines by mid-December to prevent sap from bleeding.

    Let us wish ourselves some dry and sunny winter days with little or no wind in order to get through some of these midwinter tasks!!

    Posted 4th Dec 11:00am
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