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  1. 5 star planting scheme at luxury Lake District holiday resort

    5 star planting scheme at luxury Lake District holiday resort

    We recently won a large contract to supply a new, 5 star luxury holiday resort in the Lake District.

    Landscape architect, RPS Group – one of the UK’s leading multi-disciplinary consultancies advising on all aspects of the built and natural environment – selected stock from our nursery including over 300 trees, 13,000 native hedging and woodland mixes and over 2,000 ornamental shrubs for the new holiday park.

    Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat is set to be opened this winter by Darwin Escapes, which operates 16 holiday parks across the UK. Since purchasing the site, previously known as North Lakes Caravan Park, Darwin Escapes has been undertaking a complete redevelopment of the resort in order to create a market-leading holiday destination, which, as well as featuring a new restaurant, bar and outdoor activity centre also includes a new landscaping and planting scheme.johnsons-of-whixley-supplies-5-star-planting-scheme-for-the-new-luxury-keswick-reach-lodge-retreat-in-the-lake-district

    David Cox, Technical Director at RPS said:

    “Darwin Escape’s new development at Keswick Reach has been carefully designed to provide a bespoke holiday experience. The planting designs use carefully selected plant and tree species which complement the local landscape and provide a high quality setting to the holiday park.

    “We have a well-established, successful relationship with Johnsons of Whixley that has enabled a specific plant and tree stock list to be developed, with high quality stock checked at the nursery and delivered to site expediently.

    “Johnsons’ flexibility, market knowledge and commercial attitude has aided the project landscape architects to positively achieve a fantastic naturalistic landscape setting,” he concludes.

    Tony Coles, our amenity sales manager said:

    “We have supplied holiday parks before, but never on this scale and were extremely delighted to be chosen as the preferred supplier by the RPS Group and Darwin contractors.

    “The mix of trees, native hedging and woodland varieties, with ornamental shrubs, perfectly complement the natural scenery, hills and woodlands surrounding the new resort and the planting scheme truly shows what we have to offer in terms of quality stock and the ability to meet large orders and deadlines for our clients.”

    Posted 21st Oct 9:48am
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  2. Xpress Cash & Carry team raise money in support of local boy with rare disease

    Xpress Cash & Carry team raise money in support of local boy with rare disease

    Our Xpress Cash & Carry division teamed up with customers in September to raise over £450 for a cause close to their hearts, the bone marrow charity, DBA UK.


    The charity funds research into finding a cure for the extremely rare bone marrow failure disorder, Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA), which affects around 125 people in the UK and 700 worldwide.

    After hearing about local boy, seven year old William Rhodes from York who suffers from this rare condition, the team held a fundraiser for customers and staff at our Cash & Carry to help provide much needed funds for research into this very rare illness.

    DBA patients fail to produce red blood cells properly and often need treatment ranging from monthly blood transfusions to regular steroid treatment, and in some cases bone marrow transplants. William was diagnosed with DBA at birth and survives on regular blood transfusions, and to date, he has received over 115 red cell transfusions. He also receives daily treatment to prevent him from becoming seriously ill due to the side effects he experiences from the transfusions.

    William, who is a big truck fan, was invited to visit the nursery with his family for a private tour to see our fleet of lorries. Our managing director Graham Richardson presented William and his family will a cheque which will go directly to the charity.

    William’s mum, Caroline Rhodes said:

    William and his sister Grace with a Johnsons truck

    “We would like to thank Johnsons of Whixley for raising much needed funds for DBA UK and helping to promote awareness of this rare illness. It’s so lovely of them to be showing their support towards William in this way. DBA UK is only a small charity so every donation makes such a difference.”

    Graham Richardson said:

    “We were delighted to help William – he is clearly a special little boy and part of a special family. Johnsons of Whixley and staff are delighted to make a small contribution in support of the challenges that William and his family face.”

    Posted 21st Oct 9:47am
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  3. Nursery Jottings No. 10

    Nursery Jottings No. 10

    First week in October and we are still basking in the good weather which has now lasted a full 5 weeks.
    Only 36mm of rain in September compared with 52 last year and 62 in August this year. A really good rain in the near future would do no harm at all.

    The autumn planting season will soon be with us and we need more moist conditions to lift plants out of the ground with a good root system and also to get them to re-establish well. Autumn has always been the very best time to plant as the soil is at its warmest and young roots will make significant new growth before the winter sets in.
    I understand that salads, fruit and vegetables have done well again this year, they got off to a really good start with the lack of any late frosts, and potatoes have shown only limited blight symptoms with the lack of continuous wet spells. In some areas slugs have been a problem, they were certainly anticipated after the very wet January and mild winter, but appear to have been variable in the way they have affected different areas.

    Nursery stock has done well through the summer, we have used about the same borehole water as in recent years and growth has been good with few weather related losses. Whilst shrubs did well in early summer the increasing demand for herbaceous plants through the summer is very marked. Fortunately, we have been following this trend within our production, and our current ‘looking good’ weekly colourful list features a majority of herbaceous plants. Lavenders still remain a key plant and we never seem to have quite enough at the right time! As we continue to reduce production for Homebase we are increasing the number and range of herbaceous plants and the overall production of amenity landscape plants.

    Sales to landscaping projects continue at a level in excess of last year, both by small businesses and the really big projects. When planting in current mid-summer conditions it is important that plants are really well watered before planting and watered frequently until they get established. Square planting holes are best in order to prevent spiralling of the root systems, and ensure the compost surface is just below soil level so that water will not be wicked out of the root-ball. As we use long release fertilizer in all our compost it should not be necessary to add feed at the time of planting.

    The plant disease Xylella continues to affect more host plants in northern Europe and we try to steer clear of them. There are now 92 plants on our list of plants which cannot be sold without a plant passport although not all are affected by Xylella. I have not heard of any recent sightings in the UK.
    The Chalara Ash disease continues to spread slowly across the country, but it appears that growers and landscapers are diligently following instructions not to sell or purchase ash trees. The recent Arboricultural Association Conference heard that trials of resistant specimens are ongoing, with some 155,000 trees currently being grown in Southeast England. Dr Peter Thomas said. “We still need diversity because otherwise a mutation of the pathogen could still wipe them out. We know there are more virulent strains in Japan.”

    We continue to come out of the recession, garden centre orders have increased again this year from all over the country, and amenity landscape orders have also increased significantly, with big projects in all areas of the country doing much better than in previous years. Last year was reasonably good, but this year has been even better!

    Sales through the wholesale cash and carry have shown a significant increase, and sales through July, August and September, normally our quietest months, confirm that at last we have got over the bad years of 2008 to 2014, but what Brexit will eventually do to plant sales, none of us have a clue! The collapse in the value of the £ against the Euro must mean that production costs will increase across the board. We appear to have forgotten the slow increase in oil costs is having on UK plant trading.

    Watch out for the next instalment!!

    John Richardson

    Posted 4th Oct 2:54pm
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